Bulletproof Babes Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Martial Arts, East
Bulletproof Babes Slots is an older but still popular slot game for players. The characters in this game make it an exciting one to play. Add to this the Free Spins round, and you have quite an engaging game to play.

The Developer for Bulletproof Babes Slots

The provider for this game is Bovada Gaming.

Demo Play

Play Bulletproof Babes Slots in Demo Mode by clicking on the game at our recommended online casinos.

The Theme of the Game

Bulletproof Babes Slots is a Ninja theme-based slot.

Game Design

The game uses an exquisite new art style that resembles the artwork found in Asian animation shows and comic books from Manga.

Slot Game Type: Reels/Bonus/Progressive

Bovada Bulletproof Babes is a 5x3-reel, progressive bonus video slot game.

Number of Paylines

There are 20 pay lines in this game.

Betting Options

The betting options start with one cent up to $100 max per spin. Players can win a maximum of 40,000xs their bet per line on any spin.

Paytable Location

Click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the slot to access the paytable.

Special Features

In one of the most cleverly designed features in this game, Bulletproof Babes Slots presents a nice prize in this manner. One or two Ninja Girls come in from the sides of the slot. With fourteen symbols in this game, the four special symbols are the Moon, the Temple, the Girl Fight Scatter, and the Wild Mistress. The Wild Mistress appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. The Moon only appears on reel one, but it pays double the bet for every pay line on which it appears. When the Moon and the Temple appear together, they will trigger the Free Spins Round. The Temple only appears on reel 5. Its only purpose is to join the Moon to trigger the Free Spins Bonus game in regular play. The Moon and Temple symbols are easily picked out from the rest as they are the only tiles to use bright yellow. The Girl Fight Scatter symbol is a black-and-white drawing of a clenched fist hitting an open hand in classic martial arts style, where two opponents respectfully face off against each other. Whenever a Scatter prize pays, at least 2 of the Ninja Girls come out from the sides of the slot. The Blue Girl, wielding a sword, is worth 2000xs your bet per line for 5 of a kind. The Violet Girl wields a dagger. She is worth 1500xs your bet per line for 5 of a kind. The Green Girl wields a staff. She is worth 1000xs your bet per line for 5 of a kind. The Red Girl wields Manriki chains. She is worth 1000xs your bet per line for five symbols. Free Spins Round When the Moon appears on reel one and the Temple appears on reel five, the free spins round will begin. Players will view a full image of the Mistress and the four Ninja Girls standing in front of a village. Players have to pick a girl, and she reveals how many free spins they win up to 25. Although players cannot retrigger the game, the Moon and Temple symbols may appear on any reel. Both characters act as additional Wilds, thereby increasing a player's chance of winning a prize. When the game begins, the multiplier starts at one. The multiplier rises randomly as the spins play out. The maximum number that players can win is ten times the bet per line.

Game RTP

The Return to Player is 96%.

Slot Game Rating

Players have rated Bulletproof Babes Slots with a popularity score of 1.

Slot Game Winners

There have been several winners playing Bulletproof Babes Slots.

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Mobile Play

Bulletproof Babes Slots is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Bulletproof Babes Slots made its debut in 2016 but is still one of the most popular slot games online. It is an extraordinary work of art. I highly recommend playing this game at our participating online casinos.